Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fan Piece and also Jammin with the HO!

So here's a young Indiana Jones piece I did for kicks. I recently got the Brisco County Jr. boxed set (B-day gift from the HO) and am now pining for The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Damn THINGS.. I always want more things.

As an added bonus my good friend Jason Ho asked me to color one of his pieces. Here are my colors over his pencils.

Check his out as well. Also if you haven't, read his blog. His wit.. it makes me laugh.


J.Ho said...


And once again, awesome colors! Thanks comrade!


Ori-O's said...

That Indy piece is kick ass man!
Better even than the show!

Unknown said...

hmmm, really nice work, lame subject matter! HA! thats all I got. call me.